This client’s brief for this project designed and built by Jakin, was that they wanted a huge “wow” factor when they looked out from their newly constructed house. What was designed and subsequently built certainly met the brief of being “wow”. The pool is fully tiled 8.5m long x 3.5 m wide, with a wet edge spill over facing towards the house and entertaining areas. The pool has a large spa that has glass sides to again create not only a very functional space but also being visually stunning.
The rear wall of the pool is raised to create a nice backdrop and screens out the boundary fencing. This raised wall has a continuous 8.5 m water feature that spills down the fully tiled wall which is also backlight with an LED strip light which looks fantastic at night and illuminates the running waterfall. Jakin undertook the entire project including the pool and spa construction, the timber decking abutting the pool, the fencing, the planting, irrigation system and garden lighting.

Designed and built by Jakin
Project Architect Robert Mann

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