This complete home, pool and landscaping project designed and built by Jakin packs a lot of luxury features and style into a relatively small space. The pool had to be built in conjunction with the home as the waters edge is hard up against the rear wall/window of the home. As you stand in the kitchen you feel as though you are literally in the pool, as the only thing separating you is a large 3m wide, fixed glass window. By having this connection to the home, the pool gives benefit year-round even when not in use by being a beautiful backdrop.
The pool interior is full tiled and the pool surround including stepping-stones have been tiled with large format oversized travertine. The equipment has been carefully hidden by a beautiful hardwood screen.

Extensive landscaping and planting has been undertaken to give privacy and to create a level, rear lawn area for the family with young children to enjoy. Another beautiful feature is the exposed copper outdoor shower mounted on a spotted gum hardwood screen.

This project is beautiful in both day and night and the pool gives this home a special open and luxurious feel.

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