Built on an acreage property in Arcadia, this swimming pool was built with an adjoining cabana structure complete with a kitchen as well as extensive landscaping around the swimming pool area. The client’s brief was to create a large swimming pool and outdoor living area that flowed seamlessly from their existing house and deck. Jakin undertook the design, council submission and complete construction building the swimming pool and cabana, the frameless glass fencing as well as all the landscaping.
As with all our projects we ensure that the equipment is easy to use and as maintenance free as possible. There has been careful consideration to the electrical works to ensure the pool lights, garden lights, spa gas heating, spa pump and water feature can all be turned on from the house and cabana meaning even when the pool is not in use, it can be a magnificent backdrop and feature when the owners are entertaining. The surrounding land was levelled, and a new turf section was laid that created garden beds between the swimming pool and pool glass fencing which was planted out with native grasses and mulched.

Designed and built by Jakin
Project Architect Robert Mann

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